Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Listening Awareness

A huge key in life is to learn to listen with a new set of ears.  Without a listening awareness, there would be no reason for the performers to show up at the concert.  Listening is that communication feedback loop connecting each of us to each other and to the world we live in.  

Begin internally noticing the rhythm of your breathing.  

Take a moment to listen to all the rhythms around you in nature.  Universal rhythms bring unspoken  insight and awareness.  For some, it's gazing at the passing clouds, noticing a gentle rain or taking a long time-out to watch the sunset.  For other's, it might be noticing the rhythm of the waves at the beach, the moon rising in the sky or the birds singing their song.   

Begin to tap into your own inner connection - what has been there all along.  To realign your tempo back to rhythms found in nature is an instant study in mindfulness.  

Strive to listen from the deepest place possible.  This will be your starting point to find your own unique sense of calming soothing rhythms. 

As you begin to notice all the rhythms around you each and everyday, visualize in your mind now.  Imagine your thoughts as a set of pure rhythms flowing in balance and harmony.  

Notice the balance tempo and pace of your thinking.  Strive to understand how that tempo of thought affects your emotional state, attitudes and perceptions.  

Question: What kind of shift would you have to make to enter a new state of inner clam?  Allow that intuitive tempo to guide your way.  The metaphor and mantra of rhythm is all around you now.  

Listen from that deeper place.  Hold that awareness in the forefront of your mind.  The path of creativity is to notice what is relevant for you.  See what comes to the surface, rather than trying to control the outcome.

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