Friday, August 28, 2015

Being the Rhythm

Set a course, create a path - design the journey

For the journey is you.  Be all you will your Self to be, become, and step into.  Live in that light - feel that inner flight.  From that place you will shine. 

That is your deeper calling. In each and every moment of now - that vision will emerge.  That light will shine again and again and again and yes - even again.  It's here to teach you that which you will learn.  That your destiny - for that is you - in all you are and everything you do.  

Set a course, create a path - follow the rhythm

Embrace that even deeper connection to now. That path is your truest calling. There is no separation from the steps you walk, the steps you take and the steps you create. There is no division between the light you find, the light you are and the light you choose to give.

In a world lost - your call to disrupt this chaos! Intercept time and space to connect your rhythm. 

Set a course, create a path - design the journey

From such a young age for that knowing came from a deeper place.  That pure intention to that pull - that deepest intention; that inner calling found you. 

Was not spoken with words nor understood by them.   Was no need for words.  Only pulled towards that felt experienced energy.  

Set a course, create a path - design the journey.  Listen to the sound, the feeling and experience.  No interest in the fame or fortune. No mention of money, success or status. No understanding of such or need for that, must have been the job of the adults.

Now - take a step back.  Only to connect to that deepest inner part. That magnet pulling.  That longing to speak that other new language of rhythm.  Joy in a new voice need no explanation.  

Set a course, create a path - follow the rhythm

To say only what that younger version - what that little true self on that deeper path must say. Pulled to say,  to see it, to hear it, to a higher energy wave.  And that rhythm pulse - a calling to move towards it  and to become it.

Long before the adult mind entered the equation. Those true gifts from the other world - only seldom recognized as that - not a part of this shallow economy of meaningless form.  Connections to that deeper design in children are wise beyond their years; both the student and the teacher. 

Who had ears to listen?  That little one was present, played the present and was the present.  Still words only scratch the surface of what may have been described as found moments of higher level peace.  That higher consciousness breaking thru the clouds here and there - now to return again.  To let go. 

Set a course, create a path - design the journey

To lift the depression of a depressed world. To step into that synchrony - that rhythm meditation.   

Everyone has a gift to offer. Everyone has a gift to give; to bring and to care.  There is no competition of consciousness. There is no "better than" pure light. 

Strive to remember that innocent energy pulling you towards what that was; your own inner calling. You can't second guess that connection.  Those ring pure, without any external interest.  True to process.

External approval has no power over true creativity.

And that voice - is that connection to the other world.  To find one's Self - to enter the rhythm - a pure dimension of time and space, without any use for these - letters . . . for these analysis . . . for these words.  Only the spaces between the words - the spaces between the notes. 

Set a course, create a path - follow the rhythm

That purest intention need not work to become anything other than the rhythm - manifest.  For that is the rhythm, here and now, fresh and alive, again and again.  The notes never apologize for singing.

Connect your ears now, back to the ears of a child.  Did you hear that today?  Each and everyday the path calls out - the journey begins again - internally!

Set a course, create a path - follow the rhythm - to design the journey internally 

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