Sunday, August 23, 2015

RhythmShifting: Philosophy

Out beyond the fringes of societal stress and noise, there exists an alternate set of rhythms flowing with energy, vibrating in perfect synchrony and balance.  

Rhythm is everywhere, an inseparable part of the universe!  Below the surface a molecular dance of quantum physics pulses in vibration to a much deeper set of rhythms.  We each have our own unique rhythms too, biological, social and psychological.  Even our very thoughts and feelings occur in time with their own unique tempo, pace and rhythmic thumb print.    

Unfortunately, we live in a very money driven world dominated by the toxic rhythm of stress.  And no one is immune.  Life experiences can quickly lose meaning when financial crisis threaten our very survival.  Tragically we are seeing higher and higher levels of anxiety, depression, suicide, and stress related medical illnesses on the rise.    

We all long to get off the grid.  For many of us, relaxing music is a great coping skill for bumper to bumper traffic, providing a soothing sense of respite from the chaos.  Clinical research has proven that playing and listening to music decreases anxiety and depression and triggers our natural brain chemistry response to release dopamine, endorphins and nor-epinephrine.    

Too much left brain logic can sometimes be flat out painful.  If you are looking for a deeper creative state of being, then you are definitely at the right place.  The programs available at and have been specifically designed to take you on a auditory journey into the creative.  Give your deeper Self a sense of pause between the notes, the words and your own Self talk.   

Take a moment now to visit our website - slow down your thoughts, emotions and unplug the mental noise.  Renew that magic of each moment and re-align your mind back to a more natural soothing state of rhythm.  Dissolve stress and tension.  Open up to your own internal flow, creativity and imagination. 

See you on the other side . . . 

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